USTM Interview with Tom Colontonio

A name like Tom Colontonio does not go unnoticed, but his music, is simply unforgettable. Tom Colontonio belongs to a successful new breed of DJ/Producers who have taken the scene by storm, and are giving the established globally acclaimed artists a run for their money. Tom is now on the pinnacle of breaking through to super-stardom.

Tom has released a number of tracks on a variety of labels such as Discover, Vandit, Conspiracy and Armada along with a number of other labels, which has kept him very busy over the past few years. He has also had appearances on most major radio shows such as PVD’s VONYC Sessions, Tiesto’s Club Life, Armin’s A State of Trance, and many others. His new EP i set to release on the newest addition of Armadas label group “Subculture” which is the creation of irish legend John O’Callaghan.

As releases, remixes, collaborations and support from some of the biggest names in the electronic music industry continue to mount up, Tom Colontonio is beginning to see the world through the eyes of an international DJ.The future looks bright for this up and coming player, so be on the lookout for Tom Colontonio, his name will not be the only thing you’ll remember.Make sure to catch Tom every month on his exclusive “Omega” show on Afterhours.FM, once a month  and his “Omega Podcast”, which can be subscribed via I-Tunes.

USTM: World class Irish DJ/producer John O’Callaghan has named you “Breakthrough DJ/Producer for 2010″ in the DjMag 2010 top 100 poll. You also made it to #62 in’s Top 250 DJ Poll of 2010. What’s your reaction to this?

Tom Colontonio: It’s a good feeling to have his support. John is a extremely talented individual and his diversity in track production shows it. He’s been a good help to me along the way which is greatly appreciated and he’s also an amazing cook! The tranceaddict Poll was also a nice additive to the year. Its great to see the people taking an interest in both my music and production too!

USTM: You recently had two tracks signed to Streamlined/Spinnin Records; two more released on Subculture Records; and a remix released on Cotour Records. Whew! Are there anymore tracks or remixes that your fans can expect to hear on an online radio show sometime soon?

Tom Colontonio: My new track with singer Michele Karmin drops on Dec 7th. It has already seen support form Armin Van Buuren and also Eddie Halliwell on BBC Radio 1. Its my first vocal track and it comes with a Suncatcher and Nick sentience rmx. Both are great additions to the original and I’m extremely excited to see how the public takes to the release. I also have another track signed to Streamlined called “Trimium” which will be out soon and I have just finished a Collab with Sophie Sugar and we are shopping that one at the moment and a New track on Discover called “Turn that shit up” is set to release soon as well with a RMX. Its been a busy end of 2010 for me… but theres lots more tracks to come!

USTM: What was your personal highlight of 2010? And what are you looking forward to in 2011?

Tom Colontonio: A personal highlight for me was Playing the JOC’s “Subculture” night in Dublin, Ireland. It was such an incredible night for music. I was standing there thinking “Holy shit this is amazing!” I couldn’t stop smiling.. the Irish LOVE to party and that made it all the better for me!
2011 will bring more tour dates and music for me. I def would like to play in Europe more and Ive been working hard on that as well with the help of my new management RJM promotions. My manager Rob has been a big help to me in getting some good dates sorted out as of now.

USTM: How did you come up with name “Omega” for your radio show, and when can your listeners tune in to listen to it?

Tom Colontonio: The name Omega came from my track on Vandit called “Omega Thursday”. It just sort of popped into my head one day as I was sitting there watching TV. It seemed like a cool thing to go with for my radio show too… so that’s how it happened.

USTM: You’re local to the NY/NJ area. What are your thoughts on the EDM scene here in New York City and United States in general?

Tom Colontonio: The USA has some great things going on now and I think the scene has come back a lot in the past few years. There’s pockets of parties and trance lovers in every state NYC still has a great scene too. The people come out in full force to support the artists and the parties are always exciting and fun to attend. I love playing in NYC for Massive Event.. always ROCKIN’. I also am a big fan of Atlantic City for the nightclubs and the 24 hour bars too ;)

USTM: What are you using in your Studio at the moment?

Tom Colontonio: Currently Im using Logic Pro 9 and various soft synths along with an Access Virus TI. The Soft VST’s are becoming so powerful now you can get sounds you could only obtain on Analog synths years ago. The music software industry is constantly evolving so its getting easier to find the right tools to make what you need! Logic is such a powerful tool and the possibilities are limitless!

USTM: Have you considered an artist album for 2011?

Tom Colontonio: Yes I have! I already have a few tracks I wanted to use for it and I’m compiling ideas all the time for it. I def am planning dropping it in 2011!

USTM: Favorite food?

Tom Colontonio: Sushi, hands down! I cant eat enough!

USTM: 2010 was a tough year for you as you had battled Thyroid Cancer. Do you wish to share any about that with us?

Tom Colontonio: Having Cancer (Thyroid) was a personal High and Low for me. It was a tough year overall having that.. Its crushing news but you just move along and break out of it. It was hard for me to think about anything else and get any music done but thankfully it is cured as of now. I am def 90% back to where I was. With the help of a lot of supportful people and my wife I was able to get past it!

USTM: Thanks a lot Tom for this interview with USTM. Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans, and the readers of USTM? Where can your fans go to find you online? Hope to see to you back in New York soon!

Tom Colontonio: I would just like to say Thank you to all the amazing people I’ve met so far along the way. I cant stress enough what a good feeling it is to see smiling faces in the crowds who enjoy the music and come out to the parties and buy it as well.. soooooo ……THANK YOU!!