five minutes with… Tom Colontonio

TI: Since Trance International’s checked in on Tom Colontonio’s runnings back in July, the young US producer and deck-wrangler has been having a busy old time of it. We thought we’d get a new update in a ‘5 Minutes With…’ stylee! Thanks for joining us Tom! So how’s did summer 2009 treat you?

TC: It was excellent! I banged out some great tracks and did some nice gigs as well. Guvernment in Toronto, Egypt (which was a first for me) and a 14 day Australia tour – definitely a summer to remember!

TI: How did you get into producing music?

TC: Well, I remember the day actually! I was sitting there watching TV and was bored out of my mind. I was already a DJ for a few years and I was thinking to myself: man, I should get off my as* and make some music! I went out and bought all this gear, brought it all home. I had a friend come over and help ease me into Logic and it just started to roll from there!

TI: No one really gets on the ladder without someone giving them a big break. Who gave you yours?

TC: I would say collectively John O’Callaghan, Sean Tyas, John Askew and Activa. I seemed to catch the eye of that group all at once with a few tracks.

TI: Looking back at your discography thus-far, what track do you feel has pushed your career forward the most?

TC: That’s a tough question to answer – there are a number of contenders. Probably, probably¬†‘Modern Day Madness’ was my biggest. It was the launch release of PVD’s digital imprint so it was great for me to be the first track of the label.

TI: You’ve been working with Giuseppe Ottaviani and John O’Callaghan a fair bit. Do you think (generally speaking) you share a sound in common with them?

TC: Yes, they are the guys I always listened too and looked up too. I have a lot of influence from Sean Tyas, who has been a huge part of what I’m doing today. He is a selfless kind of person who was always ready to answer my annoying questions!

TI: What’s next and up-and-coming up in the production pipeline?

TC: A new EP on Liquid, out on October 6th called ‘Lifetime Connection’ which includes a John O’Callaghan remix. I have finished a new track for Discover which will see the light in lat 2009/early 2010 and I have also completed several remixes for various labels. Just recently I signed a track to Vandit records called ‘The One’, which features me on vocals and guitar! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. I was ecstatic to see it finally come to light.