EDM Insider Exclusive Interview

EDM Insider Exclusive Interview with DJ/Producer Tom Colontonio

When it comes to creating and playing trance music, there is no one quite like Tom Colontonio. A master at his craft, Colontonio has been making and DJing electronic dance music for quite some time. EDM Insider was fortunate enough to hear what the trance music master had to say about his favorite up-and-coming producers, his favorite gigs and favorite closing tracks – and lucky enough to share it with you!

EDM Insider 1.  It’s always nice to catch up with a local favorite, being from the East Coast yourself, do you find yourself playing home gigs often? What has been your favorite city away from home to play thus far?

Tom Colontonio: I haven’t played much home lately. The club scene has changed alot and I’ve been enjoying the traveling alot so away gigs are always more fun for me! I always love playing in NYC though.. it’s always such a great time. I occasionally play in Atlantic City too. We always try and do an event here and there if we can!

EDM Insider 2.  What is your craziest story from playing a gig away from home?

Colontonio: ohh man… hahahaha I have alot I guess. How about I tell you about the craziest “trip”. I was traveling to play in the UK and a guy on my flight decides he wants to inflate his life jacket and is yelling “Were gonna land in the water” Thank god we hadent taken off yet. So I go to the back of the plane and yell to the captain “You want me to rip this guy off the plane captain” and he tells me to sit down. About 10 sec later a swat team storms the plane and rips the guy off! hahahaha pretty crazy!

EDM Insider 3. How long was it before you realized the style of music you wanted to produce?

Colontonio: I was playng house in 1996 I always have had a love for House music. It was like 99 when I realized how much I liked Trance and truly got into it. I was a guitar player since I was 11 and also played Classical so trance seemed to hit me where it counted..ha! I didnt start producing dance music until 2005 when I bought all my equipment. I actually have been working on some things lately that are more in the “House” genre too… Im branching out alot more!

EDM Insider 4. With support from Armin Van Buuren, John O’Callaghan, Sean Tyas, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery and Giuseppe Ottaviani just to name a few, how does the support on radio shows as well as in live DJ sets help you as an EDM artist? 

Colontonio: Yes, absolutely! It helps more people find out about you and your music and gives them the chance to discover more about you as an artist. I can’t thank all those guys enough for their support!

EDM Insider 5. Who are a couple of your favorite up-and-coming EDM producers at the moment?

Well not all of these guys are up and coming I would say but I really like: Kent & Gian (Argentina) , Suncatcher ,  Tom White (USA), Origin (USA) to name a few. They are all doing good stuff that makes me fistpump!

EDM Insider 6. Last year here in NYC you played Club LOVE for “Trance Classics”. The atmosphere seems to be different when the crowd is in store for classes. What makes a night like this different than an ordinary night out? 

ColontonioOne word, “Nostalgia”. people LOVE that feeling of their first time hearing song XYZ and how it made them feel that night at that moment. Its like the first time you get laid.. you just don’t forget that.. (Unless maybe your super drunk..lolol) Music is such a huge part of some peoples lives. Classic nights are ALWAYS rocking from my experiences. We used to do some in Philadelphia in 2003-2006 and they were always the biggest nights! I played alot of tracks that really made me feel awesome that night like Dumonde, Scot Project , Tiesto ,  PVD , ferry , Armin etc. The stuff that really got me into trance in the first place!

EDM Insider 7. What are a few definite tracks you’ll have handy for a night of classics?

ColontonioDumonde –  Never look back , Scot Project – “Overdrive” , Cosmic Gate – “Melt to the ocean” and “Exp of space” , Tiesto – Flight 643 , Generator – “Where are you now” (Moonman rmx) to name a few!

EDM Insider 8. What are some things you like to do when you’re not DJing or making music?

ColontonioI fly radio control helicopters.. I belong to a local group. Its pretty insane the stunts some of these guys do! I also enjoy Sushi too. I just try and enjoy life to the fullest. I’m very grateful I have the opportunities I have had with music, travel etc.

EDM Insider 9. If there was one track you had to close each of your sets with for the rest of your career, what would it be and why?

Colontonio: That’s a tough one! How about 2??.  Sean tyas – “Lift” and JOC/Kearney – “Exactly”. These tracks embody what I love about trance so much. They just absolutely rock along with great basslines, ripping leads and great melodies. Their unstoppable!

Article by: Angela Samartano